AWF Performance Pathway Squad

Feb 18 2021

This weekend the inaugural AWF Pathway Squad will come together at the Australian Institute of Sport for an intensive training camp. The young athletes will train together under the guidance of experienced Level 3 Weightlifting Coaches and attend educational seminars covering various subjects including sports nutrition, goal setting, and anti-doping.

The AWF Pathway Program aims to identify talented young weightlifters and start them on the road to achieving high performance as members of Australian Representative Teams at future international events.

The Performance Pathway is a new program within the AWF’s High Performance squad structure, and the squad composition will be reviewed every six-months. At the end of each review period, it is expected that many of the Pathway athletes will graduate to the Youth or Junior Squads, and new lifters will be invited into the Pathway Squad for the next six months.

Pathway Squad Athletes must:

  • be a member of their State Weightlifting Association and the AWF;
  • be at least 13 years of age and eligible to represent Australia;
  • be age-classified as a Youth competitor for the duration of the six-monthly squad review period;
  • attend regular training sessions under the guidance of an AWF qualified coach;
  • achieve at least 90% of AWF G Grade standard in an official weightlifting competition;
  • not be a current or past member of another AWF High Performance Squad.

The criteria for inclusion will be reviewed periodically and it may change as the program evolves, and a new Pathway squad will be announced for July – December 2021.